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Sodium Sulphide (Na2s)


Sodium Sulphide happens to be a very important chemical being used as a raw material in tanning and dying industries. Iron free sodium Sulphide, also find use in the preparation of paroacetamole, a major basic antipyretic drug, because of its dehairing property, sodium Sulphide is used for removal of hairs from the raw skin in the tanning industry, whereas for the entrance of sodium group (Na +). It is used in dying and drug industry. Sodium Sulphide is also used as an inhibitor in Soda Ash Industry, to prevent the pick-up of iron by the corrosive liquor in the process.

Sodium Sulphide is in very good demand in leather industry which is one of the major foreign exchange earning industry of the country which is developing at a fast speed.  

Process for Sodium Sulphide:-

The process is selected is the reaction of Sulphur with Caustic lye. The availability of Caustic lye is there in the region of Saurashtra as well as the biggest producer is also in the Gujarat. Sulphur, which is available from Market.

Caustic lye available in the market is of 48-50%. It is Concentrate to the required levels of concentration and heated in a pot or vessel to its boiling point. Powdered sulphur to the required ratio is added at the time to the Caustic lye. Depending up on the concentration of the sodium Sulphide lye or solids the whole is mass is heated to the required temperature level and liquid is then transferred to containers or storage at the case may be.

Salt is being crushed by salt crusher of the required size. The crushed salt is being sent to mixer’s hopper by a belt conveyor. In mixer Salt and dolomite is being mixed as per formulation and colour is also being sprayed as per the formulation. The mixture being collected in a product hopper which passes through vibro-screen from where material is being filled in bags and weighed on electronic balance then stitch and stack.


  • Used as a iron remover in soda ash manufacturing, hair remover in leather industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Major customers:

  • Hindustan Lever Limited.
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