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The Tulsidas Hathi group is founded at Porbandar, Gujarat, India. The location has the advantage of all three modes of transportation Railways at 1 km., Airport at 5 Kms. & Port at 3 Kms. Many Small and medium size industries are set up here such as textile, oil, fertilizers, soda ash, cement, salt works, ship breaking yards along the Bhavnagar coast, etc. These industries are bulk user of Steam Coal & Metallurgical coke. Porbandar, Navlakhi & Pipava ports have recently developed to be the major hubs for import of Coal product from various parts of the world. This will make the material available at the doorsteps of customers, and will help eliminate transportation bottlenecks and costs, which are very high in coal industry.

The Company has Distribution hubs at three major ports, namely Navlakhi, Porbandar and Pipavav. There is also an inland distribution hub at Rajkot. These four major distribution hubs give competitive edge for logistics to major regions through out India.

Over 50 years ago in 1966, the founder of the group, Tulsidas Hathi and his partners, ventured into the business of coal ash. The business was in form of long term contracts with major Thermal power plants in Gujarat such as GEB Porbandar, Sikka, Amdavad, Surat.

Later major heavy industries installed own power plants, such as GHCL- Sutrapada, Saurashtra Chemicals-Porbandar, Tata Chemicals- Mithapur, DCW- Dhangadra, etc. The company entered into long term contracts to buy all the burnt coal out the consumption of steam coal in respective thermal power plants.

As burnt coal ash has some energy remaining, it is a perfect fuel product for manufacturing of lime, clay bricks, etc. The high demand of this product in such industry reflected a boom in this industry.

In early 90’s  of globalization scenario, Indian economy looked much challenging with   tremendous opportunities. In the year 1995, the company decided that the time had come to re organize the structure of the business. Lead by young Entrepreneur and group CEO, Rajesh T.Hathi, a team of professionals were inducted into the business, as he believed in growth through team work.

The company expanded into manufacturing of coke dust brickets and importation and distribution various types of coal and coke. And diversified into manufacturing of sodium sulphide (chemicals) and Denatured Salt ( washing powder detergent filler).


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