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Coke Dust Briquette

There is a worldwide acceptance of briquettes and growing demand for the briquetting plants. Energy is the key factor in economic development in most countries today. As the world adjusts itself, to the new millennium and the increasing demand for fuel and energy, governments and concerned agencies worldwide are also encouraging other developing countries to make use of this theory. Since most of them lack knowledge and technology but have an abundant supply of waste; introduction of the briquetting industry would be a profitable project. Adoption of briquetting technology will not only create a safe and hygienic way of disposing the waste, but turn it into a cash rich venture by converting waste into energy and also contributing towards a better environment.

Briquettes replace or reduce consumption of Metallurgical Coke & Anthracite Coal etc.

To develop suitable technology and process to convert unutilized coke breeze (under sized Metallurgical Coke) into a solid Briquette of sufficient strength and specific size, this may easily be utilized in vertical line kilns. This product will replace high priced metallurgical coke consumption where the availability is very scarce in the present market scenario.

We will offer high quality briquettes to cater into the highly demanding markets as a cheaper alternate to other products consumed.

Product Manufacturing Process:

Coke breeze, after crushing to uniform size of below 3 mm. mixed with binder at a predetermined ratio regulated and controlled feed achieved through rotary valve with inverter in kneader machine. This mixture is again uniformly mixed in twin paddle mixer in the presence of desired quantity of hot water in order to suppress the dust emission of coke breeze.

This mixture is fed into screw feeder where it is precompressed at determined speed and finally fed into briquetting machine. At briquetting machine the mixture is compressed at a particular pressure in twin roll die to yield the green briquettes of ovoid shape having size 63x50x38-mm. These green briquettes further cured in solar drying to acquire sufficient strength and finally subject to oxy thermal treatment at a particular temperature for particular number of hours in batches under controlled condition.

  1. Composition of briquettes
    1. Percentage Coke breeze 90.2%
    2. Binder 7.8%
    3. Moisture 2.0%
    4. Size of Briquettes 60 x 50 x 38 mm
    5. Shape of Briquettes Ovoid
    6. Bulk Density 75.2 Kg/Cm³
  2. Briquetting Conditions
    1. Moisture added 10%
    2. Pressure 20 psi
    3. Temperature 80’C.
    4. Period of mixing at kneader 4 min.
    5. Period of mixing at twin paddle mixture.2 min.
    6. Yield of briquettes from rolls 80%.

Environmental Aspects with measures:

  1. Following are the various measures taken mainly to cater the environmental aspects and to protect the environment.
  2. The entire plant has been designed and erected inside the roof except Feed Hopper mostly to protect against the wind velocity causing environment pollution
  3. Additional 10% moisture has been added into the raw material mainly to suppress dust arising out of any transfer points which in operations.
  4. The Binder selected i.e. pre gelatin starch which gives great additive strength to coke breeze thus not generate any dust emission in paddle mixer & Briquette machine.
  5. Finally the Cured Briquette are stored in well-laid concrete platform to protect against soil environment.
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